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Hi I'm Sula, an artist based in the English Lake District. I create fictional worlds, flora and fauna that explore the beautifully absurd nature of being alive. I like to work across different media and techniques, my favourite being sculpture, drawing and digital imagery. 

Living in the Lakes has a BIG influence on my work, it's a wonderful place for an imagination to thrive! I grew up messy and muddy, always knee deep in puddles, cataloging beasties, giving them names and fictional lifestyles and spending far too long considering what their thoughts about being alive might be. I've maintained the habit of assigning personalities to things throughout my life, it remains my most favourite thing to do. 

Life's been good to me so far. I've exhibited and taught internationally over the last 12 years, sometimes it's been super scary, but ultimately I'm having a very nice time here on earth! Here are some of my favourite projects:

2014: MFA Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Art, UAL, London 


2011: BA Hons Contemporary Art Practice, University of Leeds


- The Island of Lost Souls - group show, London 16th -19th June


- Interview with The Flux Review

- Featured Artist - Lakes and Dales Cultural Vision, Mini documentary 


Flux Review Virtual Summer Exhibition (Part 3) - Flux Review 10th July - 10th Aug


- Come Outside, online exhibition. Roisin Projects July 5th - 19th July


- Lump It, online group exhibition, Wysing Broadcasts, July 1st

- Instagram Residency for Orbit June 7th-13th 

- Children's Spring Workshops, Eden District Council

- Children's Paracosm workshops, Private sessions


- Elected membership to the Royal Society of Sculptors (paused) 

- Children's Workshops - partnership with Mini Eden

- Group Exhibition - New Doggerland, Thames-Side Studios, London

Illustrations - Table Legs, The Cat Who Wouldn't Go Outside, and Kuku Comes Home, Fonetti App, Auris Tech



- Solo Exhibition - The Land Lumps, Ruskins, Kendal, England


- Solo Exhibition, Wonderlands, Art23 Art Gallery, Guangzhou, China

- Interview for

- Self Publishing: The Land Lumps Colouring Book

- Tutor: Summer School Art Tutor, Xiajiaer Art Training School,  North China


- International Artist Residency, Art23 Gallery, Guangzhou, China

- Tutor: Summer School Art Tutor, Xiajiaer Art Training School. Shenzhen, China

- Programme Leader: Learning English Through Art education series, Art23 Guangzhou

- Tutor: Portfolio Program, Art23 School, Graduate and Undergraduate students, Guangzhou  

- Artist Lead: Book Swap Boxes project with the Shamian School. for Guangzhou Council, Guangzhou

- Speaker: Studying Art Abroad Event, Art23 Gallery, Guangzhou

- Speaker: International Art Education, UN Bookstore, Guangzhou

- Greeting Card Designer for Central 23/Urban Outfitters


- Window Display: 'Pip the Royal Gondolier' for The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, 2016

- Illustrations: Wonderful Walks with Words Books one and Two -Written by C.L Farrell

- Illustrations: When the Boats Sailed In - Written by C.L. Farrell

- Illustration: Graithwaite Estate Map.

- Illustrations: Strangers to Ourselves E.P cover


- Illustrations: 'George and Praline's Lake District Adventure' commission for       The Lakes International Comic Art Festival,

- Competition winner: 'Drawn Outdoors'  for Millican

- Illustration: 'Crepe Party' for Simmon's Creperie, London


- Group Exhibition: MFA Show - Wimbledon College of Art, London

- Group exhibition: 'Exquisite Corpse'  Islington Arts Factory, London

- Group exhibition: 'Philosophy'  5th Base Gallery, Brick Lane, London

- Group exhibition: 'Threads' - The Rag Factory, London


- Group exhibition 'Raw Talent' - Hoxton Gallery, London

- Group exhibition - Wimbledon Space, London


- Group Exhibition: 'Samsara' - Samsara Gallery, Kendal

- Event organiser: The Big Draw, Dickie Doodles, Kendal

- Curator and Exhibitor: 'Colour in the Auld Grey Town' - Ruskins, Kendal

- Curator and Exhibitor: 'Inside/Outside' - Ruskins, Kendal

-Curator and Exhibitor: 'Premier' - Ruskins,, Kendal 


- Solo Exhibition: The Bean Fields - Ruskins, Kendal 


- Group Exhibition: BA Graduation Show, University of Leeds

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